Animal Crossing City Folk commercial

Wanna check out the fireworks? This is a commercial for Animal Crossing: City Folk on Wii. It shows off the use of Wii Speak, Nintendo's solution for voice chatting.

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Peter said:

Animal crossing's good but that made me feel it was aimed at a 3 year old.


aidan said:

Is that amanda swafford from antm.

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lauren said:

The girl in the chair all curled up looks like the girl who was in my college art class. I'm thinking it's her.


kath said:

This is absolutely the stupidest commercial ever. These women are adults, aren't they? Adult conversations about virtual fireworks are not realistic.

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Anna said:

Is that Piha, New Zealand? The beach, I mean? Sure looks like it.


Kade said:

Yeah. That's Amanda. It doesn't sound like her but I can tell from those beautiful diamond eyes. I'm sad I haven't seen her do much lately, sadly. But I'm pretty sure that's her.


HMFanatic said:

What the hell? Adults wouldn't really enjoy playing a game designed for 10 and lower would they? Not saying older people can't play it. It would just be strange.

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kirby rules said:

Oh my gosh! This is the game I wanted for christmas!!

1 year ago

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