Casinos in 007: Legends

Casinos in 007: Legends

Bond folds five

The Wii U version of 007 Legends is a shooter game which covers a whole range of James Bond adventures from Skyfall, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Die Another Day, Moonraker, License to Kill, and Goldfinger. It celebrates 50 years of James Bond movies.

The game gets off to a good start in its intro. Here we see Bond in action on the roof of a moving train, but he is shot down by a female sniper and falls into water where he has a flashback to some of his previous adventures. Each of these flashbacks provides the setting for a game mission, one from each of the adventures listed above.

The problem is that from there on in the game tends to deteriorate and unfortunately it has been heavily panned by the critics. To say that it has generally disappointed is an understatement. It is really Call of Duty featuring a blond James Bond armed with a gun and shooting his way out of every situation.

If you hoped for some casino action and the chance to join Bond in his favourite casino games such as Chemin de Fer and poker, then you are likely to be very disappointed, you might as well play online roulette instead. All this James Bond seems to be capable of is shooting his gun. That said, there is a stealth mode which adds an extra level of interest to the game, but even that isn't as good as it might be.

There are a number of mini-games as sub plots to the main action, but none of these feature casino games either. They are hacking using your phone, safe breaking, rewiring power systems, and using keypads. If they don't float your boat, then there isn't a great deal to be gained. Quite honestly, if you are interested in casinos forget all about Legends, come to that if you are interested in James Bond the same applies.

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