Confirmed Game Releases on Switch

Confirmed Game Releases on Switch

2017 is heating up

Nintendo is one of the pillars of the gaming world and every time they release a new console, there is excitement from long-term fans as well as interest from new ones. Their latest release is the Nintendo Switch and there are already a large number of games that have been confirmed as being released for it.

What is Switch?

Switch is the seventh games console that the Japanese firm has released and is completely different to anything currently available on the market. At a glance, the console looks like a tablet computer and has two detachable controllers on either side. The controllers can be removed and assembled for a traditional joystick configuration.

Like most consoles, the Switch can be plugged into your TV for big screen play but also includes the ability to play on the built-in 6.6-inch LCD display. This means the Switch is a portable console with controllers attached and unplugged from the TV. It is also different in that it moves away from downloads games and optical discs, replacing these with flashing ROM cartridges.

Early reviews are very positive with the features that make Nintendo so popular coming to the fore in the console and its games. The games library announced so far isn't as large as for well-established consoles such as the Xbox or PlayStation but those confirmed make it worth considered signing up for a pre-order.

Nintendo has confirmed that despite the launch of the Switch, players will still be able to access other branded games around the internet. Nintendo offer a number of arcade games available around the internet including slots games made from their famous titles. And for those wanting to play fun casino games in with a variety of different themes and with real money, you can play through sites such as

Confirmed games to get excited about

The Legend of Zelda is one of the cornerstones of the Nintendo brand and the new Switch console just wouldn't be right without a Zelda game for it. Called Breath of the Wild, this is said to be the biggest Zelda game yet with a total of 12 times the lands to explore that the previous version, Skyward Sword, featured.

Another must-have for dedicated Nintendo fans is the latest version of the Mario Kart game. Mario Kart 8 includes the classic battle courses and also new battle mode, allowing up to 4 players to play in TV mode. It includes all the courses from the Wii U version of the game, all the favorite players and even a few new ones.

Skylanders is a great one for the kids and the new version, called Imagators, includes a fascinating new storyline, battles, puzzles and plenty of new characters. The game also allows you to load and store over 300 toys from the Skylanders franchise to the games console.

LEGO is another inescapable part of the gaming world and their new game for the Switch focuses on their City range. Called Undercover, the players become Chase McCain, a police officer who goes undercover to catch a recently escaped fugitive who is on a citywide crime spree. There are some 20 unique districts to investigate and 15 special assignments. While it might seem like a kid's game, this is definitely one to be enjoyed by LEGO fans of all ages!


The flexibility of the Nintendo Switch has already making it popular in the pre-orders arena. With over 60 games confirmed as part of the release schedule across March and April, the console already offers the kind of game ranges that will win over new players and satisfy existing ones.

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