Destroy All Humans intro

THQ has made available a video clip showing the storyline intro to Big Willy Unleashed, the latest in the Destroy All Humans franchise.

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Rags said:

They broke the 3rd wall so many times. But, that explains where the body went.


Tommy The Wii Man said:



Wiii said:

God I hope that isn't the final voice over for Pox, he sounds less evil. Also, I thought the corpses just faded away when I rounded a corner, boy was I wrong.

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Juan said:

Finally, a DAH game on a Nintendo system! Now I can Destroy All Humans.


Quartz said:

Why does he talk like an idiot? It was okay.


DeanPOWER said:

I still find the title 'Big Willy Unleashed' hilarious and I seriously am considering purchasing this game. Not just for the title, for the humor as well.


thebugattipenguin said:

This looks so cool I could cry. Imagine the graphics on this!


Senpai said:

What, is Crypto played by Jack Nicholson?

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