Does Pokemon GO Mean a New Era of Openness for Nintendo?

Does Pokemon GO Mean a New Era of Openness for Nintendo?

Pokemon GO is, without a doubt, the greatest gaming sensation since the launch of the first iPhone model in 2008. Aside from the fact that it made people actually leave home to play, it could have a much greater impact on the future of Nintendo. Given that Nintendo's most successful game is not one restricted to its own consoles, could signal a change in policies - the Japanese gaming giant might focus a bit more on other platforms, and maybe even release some of its older games on PC and smartphones alike.

Cross-platform is already here

Nintendo was focusing for too long on its own platform, while other developers reached out to a much wider audience. The most notable is perhaps the world of real money gaming (I know, it's unrelated, but hear me out): it has worked to cover all platforms you can imagine, reaching out to as many people as it could.

The All Slots Canadian casino, like all other such gaming destinations launched around the same time, was primarily a downloadable software back in the early 2000s. Over time, the All Slots Casino grew to adopt as many platforms as possible. First, it was the web browser - many All Slots Casino games run in a browser window, built in Flash and later in HTML5. Then it was mobile - the All Slots Casino first launched downloadable Java games, switching to the more flexible HTML5 as technology evolved. Last year, the developer behind the All Slots Casino Canada showcased two innovative products: one that will bring its games to wearable devices (Android Wear at first), and another that will take them to virtual reality.

Will Nintendo go beyond its own consoles?

Due to the recent shift in the gaming world, my guess is that it just might.

Rumors have been circulating about Nintendo delaying the release of the NX, its next handheld console, due to the strong competition from smartphones. Mobile has become the leading gaming platform in the last few years, beating PC and consoles when it comes to revenues. Smartphones are insanely powerful today, offering "console-grade" visuals, which makes them a perfect choice for gamers to play on the go. And it shows: compared to the DS, the Nintendo 3DS fared half as good, thanks to the competitors that are smarter, multi-functional, and can even run Pokemon GO.

While there's no way to know what direction Nintendo decides to follow in the coming years, one thing's for sure: it will be different from what we know today. While the company will stay true to its legacy, releasing new versions of its consoles, it will explore the world of smartphone games, too, and not rely on games-only devices, like it did in the past. Which would be risky in today's gaming world.

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