DSi photo and sound editing demos

A video from Japan showing how you can have fun with the Nintendo DSi and its impressive photo editing capabilities.

This one shows off how you can play with music's tempo and pitch settings on the fly.

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AlbinoJedi said:

These features are so cool! I don't have a ds because I spent my money on a Wii, but I am definitely going to get a DSi.


Haha said:

1st video at 1:01. Kind of funny.


aname said:

And you're walking out the door..! About 0:35 in.

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Nova said:

That's it. I'm officially hyped for this. I'm going to Japan in march and I might just get it there early (plus speaking Japanese also helps).


SkullHydra said:

AWESOME! I can't wait to play 'Weird Al' in "Chipmunk" style.


Jonny said:

Wow, I actually thought the photo editing was going to be tacky. That is fairly impressive for a handheld to be doing. I like the recolor thing, tbh.


joe said:

This is actually kind of cool. I was going to buy a DS. But because this is going to be out soon I'll just wait and get the DSi.

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edward said:


5 years ago

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