Fragile TGS trailer

Here's a new trailer for Fragile-Dreams-Farewell-Ruins-of-the-Moon from the Tokyo Game Show press event. I don't know what's being said, but I must say I like its general style.

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Nova said:

Ahh giant chicken man.


Nintendoof said:

Weird. It's like anime.


Frogman said:

Annoying Animal Crossing bug noises FTW.


robotninjapirate said:

Odd game. Touching music. Awesome giant chicken guy.


monkeylemur said:

What genre is this supposed to be? They should show a little more gameplay here, if they did at all. All they showed was some flashlight thing, so maybe this is like.. a point and click adventure.


Drapery said:

Looks like I might become an emotional wreck while playing this (because of either a lack of gameplay or the seemingly sad storyline. Hopefully the storyline).

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