NiGHTS official soundtrack

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams is to have an official soundtrack released. It's a 3CD effort and the track listing goes a little something like this:

CD 1

  1. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams
  2. Solitude
  3. Eloquent Echo
  4. Drifting Donbalon
  5. Eloquent Echo: Fluffy Catch
  6. Eloquent Echo: River Rescue
  7. Drifting Donbalon: Hard Version
  8. Wandering Wildness
  9. Cackling Chamelan
  10. Wandering Wildness: Bomb Panic
  11. Wandering Wildness: Coaster Rescue
  12. Cackling Chamelan: Hard Version
  13. Dreams Dreams: Located Link Mix (Instrumental)
  14. NiGHTS And Reala
  15. Electrical Entertainment
  16. Clashing Cerberus
  17. Electrical Entertainment: Neon City Battle
  18. Electrical Entertainment: Broadway Guide
  19. Clashing Cerberus: Hard Version
  20. Growing Wings
  21. Persona Non Grata
  22. D'Force Master
  23. Win a Goal
  24. Dreams Dreams: Will Version

CD 2

  1. Dreams Dreams: Adult Version
  2. Conscience
  3. Sweeping Seashore
  4. Giant Girania
  5. Sweeping Seashore: Aqua Challenge
  6. Sweeping Seashore: Marine Escape
  7. Giant Girania: Hard Version
  8. Crystal Choir
  9. Bony Bomamba
  10. Crystal Choir: Labyrinth Guide
  11. Crystal Choir: Jewel Fever
  12. Bony Bomamba: Hard Version
  13. Merry Memory Go Round
  14. Queen Bella's Ball
  15. Merry Memory Go Round: Forest Adventure
  16. Dreams Dreams: Sky Concert
  17. Queen Bella's Ball: Hard Version
  18. Cruising Together
  19. NiGHTS and Reala: Theme of A Tragedic Revenge
  20. Sonatinas for Two Violins
  21. Applause
  22. Dreams Dreams: Helen
  23. On The Way Back
  24. Memento of NiGHTS
  25. Dreams Dreams: Sweet Snow
  26. Fragmented NiGHTS

CD 3

  1. Dreams Dreams: Kids Version
  2. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams (Short Version)
  3. Gate of Your Dream
  4. Encounter
  5. When the Night Falls
  6. Sweeping Seashore: In Daylight
  7. Cowardly Custard
  8. Catch me if you can
  9. Duel in Dream
  10. Al-Di-La: Lavender
  11. Reala Returns
  12. Peaceful Moment
  13. Al-Di-La: Sandal Wood Version
  14. Bad News
  15. Twist of Fate
  16. Al-Di-La: Peppermint Version
  17. Captive
  18. Suspicion
  19. Belief
  20. Al-Di-La: Bergamot Version
  21. Precious Orgel
  22. Sentimental Separation
  23. Thank you NiGHTS
  24. Dreams Dreams: Located Link Mix
  25. Dreams Dreams: Sweet Snow (instrumental)
  26. Dreams Dreams (instrumental)

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User comments


Keranu said:

Damn, that's a huge soundtrack.


Quartz said:

Wow, that's a lot. Especially considering how pwnsome the old soundtrack was.


Nintendoof said:

Another plethora.


Senpai said:

6800 yen, right? I hope it comes out in the us so it will only be like, 25-30 bucks.


Epsilon said:

Wait what? NiGHTS already came out? I thought it was delayed *SPRINTS TO GAME STORE*.


Trowis said:

I wonder how much it will cost state-side. I must have this colleciton! I loved the music in this game.


Neveah said:

Does this include the full version of the violin song Hellen played with her mother (the one she played at the clock tower. Not the violin version of dreams dreams).


AListu said:

Why is game music so hard to find?! I keep finding the track listings all over the web but nowhere to actually buy it.


Ace said:

Were can I buy the soundtrack!?!?


Fur-man said:

Where do I get it in the UK?

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