No More Heroes storyline video

Here's a montage of No More Heroes clips that go some way to explain the storyline.

Be aware that it contains some colorful language.

Reports indicate the game plays well too, this is one I can't wait for.

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Zendalf said:

Ooh! Very nice.


Unknown said:

I like this guy.


Nintendoof said:

Very colorful indeed. I don't want to sound ESRBish, but that game must be rated M.


Scooby Jew said:

Very, very nice. I only wish I was actually holding the Wiimote and getting ready to shed some blood.


BrothaZ said:

Ok now that I've seen this video, I want to get the game a LOT more now.


lickwid said:

Hmm, now I'm interested.


Wiimaster said:

Number one Wii game right here.


sidkid004 said:

Well, this officially kicks major ass, Go Suda51.


divinity boy said:

Wow, this looks cool.


wiiboy101 said:

Wii need a new word as cool just doesn't do justice, please be a great game, it has the makings of a classic. Best cell shading since wind waker, with a theme completely in the opposite direction to the overly cute celda. Mature done in a cool way not the lame let's thrill 12 year olds rockstar way.

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