Tales of Symphonia 2 to hit the US

Some good news for Tales of Symphonia fans. The sequel will indeed be making its way out of Japan and into the US, under the different name of Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. According to Nintendo Power's latest cover that is:

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Sion said:

Hurray! Finally good news.


ToTaLgAmEr said:

YAAAA! This is some of the best news ever, the first game was the shiznit.

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Nova said:

I haven't gotten this volume yet.


Plaugefiend said:

Well, this is some good news.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

What's the date though?


Randolph the Grey said:

I've heard so much about this game! I have been missing my RPG's since I've gotten the Wii. I'm so excited for Baroque, Fragile (please come to America), and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers. Mostly for the last one, because I love Final Fantasy. I've never played Tales of Symphonia, but I'm told it blows FF10 out of the water.


Nintendoof said:

So this is what Nintendo Power meant as the best RPG. SWEET.


Crimson said:

YES! Symphonia was pretty cool, so I can't wait for its (direct) sequel. I heard Kratos just narrates. Disappointing. He's way better than Zelos.


TruBlu said:

I have the first TOS, but I never beat it. I hardly ever beat anything.


Wii Freak said:

I though it was super mario rpg 2.


Ssbb 1 Billion-bit said:



wii freak 2 said:



rob said:

Hi do you know if its coming to the uk? If not I'm going to have to import it.


hi9 said:

I beat the first in 64 hours. Kratos is the narrator sadly. I can't wait.


Keenan15 said:

By US, does that mean North America? Because I'm in Canada and I really want this game. I beat the first one and I love real time rpgs like this. It says it's coming out on nov 18th 2008 but does anyone know if it's also coming to Canada. I can't seem to pre-order it.


nintendo fan x said:

So does that mean it's not coming to the UK, ever?! What the hell, England always misses out on the good ones.


infiniteshadow85 said:

Sorry Keenan15 it's not. I beat it in 64hrs 57mins and 12secs.

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