The Conduit new trailer

A new trailer for The Conduit has arisen from Leipzig's GC 08 event. Needless to say, it looks hot.

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david k said:

Ummm I was so super excited from first trailer BUT this one has made me think looks far too HALO-esque to me, too run and gun, too fast, and the weapons look a very similar style. Still get it, but if it's too much like halo it's getting traded straight back, I hate halo. Seriously, and I'm not a fanboy who hates it, because well I'd say I'm closer to an xbox fan than anything, while my ps3 sits there only being used for mgs4. I love Wii though don't get me wrong but it doesn't supply my most basic need - DECENT ONLINE (it's like the social networking of my town, more than half the people in my old school had one).


Moppy said:

This game shall own.


monkeylemur said:

Holy crap, that's some good stuff right there. It looks really hawt, sort of like hitman/goldeneye in halo. The graphics look really clean and promising. I like it.


brawl boy said:

At 44sec in it looks like he throughs a plasma granade from halo 3.

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