Extra levels in Force Unleashed Wii

Extra levels in Force Unleashed Wii

Krome Studios, developer of Star Wars: The Force Unleashed has confirmed the game's storyline on Wii will be slightly different to other versions, allowing for five extra levels to be put in place. Ed Tucker from Krome commented:

"On the Wii we have places where the story veers off and we go and explore something, take the game in a different direction, like the Jedi Temple level. There are five levels that aren't in the PS3 and 360 versions".

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Nuclear Milk said:

Awesome, big star wars fan.


Randolph the Grey said:

Well, I am absolutely excited for this game now. My 360 pals won't be able to rub in my face how much better their game is because of extra physics processing power. Wii'll have exclusive levels (5!), and an exclusive duel mode. Sweet.


BrothaZ said:



TinyBoy MURS said:

Damn! I want this game and I can't decide between the 360 and Wii version. Now this has made it harder I might end up getting both.


Ferox said:

Great stuff! Been waiting for this game since I first heard about it.


jskrdude said:

Hmm, this should help compensate for the fact that the Wii version won't look as nice or have that survival-instinct AI stuff.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Oh good my PS3 fanboy can't rub in my face about how PS3 is better because of graphics.


ffdgh said:

In your face 360, ps3. Go Wii.

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Nova said:

I'm with you tinyboy murs. I want the new technology but I also want the motion control.


MaxyDawg said:

Yeah! My friend Chris is going to eat this.


wiiboy101gezza said:

This is yet more 3rd party BS, the physics in the video for ps3/x360 are nothing special, saying the Wii can't do that is blatant lying, the Wii version isn't a Wii game, it's a ps2 port as confirmed by the developers Krome, the graphics and physics are ps2, they're just adding Wii controls. Go watch the video of the force effects then watch the Wii physics in Elebits and remember the gravity physics and effects of Mario Galaxy. Krome are lying and covering up they spent no money or resources on the Wii version, the ps3/x360 video shows a few dudes flouting about and a few barrels and some motion blur. The motion blur looks no better than the tunnel effect in Twilight Princess final battle. The physics effects are way behind the Elebits video on youtube, there's over 400 objects on screen all effected by realtime physics at 60 frames a second. Second sight on ps2 and halflife 2 on xbox have physics almost on par with the Force Unleashed. The Wii can do that no sweat. Krome are covering up blatant ps2 porting, all the money clearly went on debugging the damn ps3 and x360 versions. The Wii version was late into development and is clearly a cheap ps2 port. I wasn't born yesterday Krome, don't insult my intelligence or the Wii's capabilities.


Senpai said:

Good news, and bad, I want a ps3 copy for the awesome physics, but Wii is so content rich.


Darth Judicar said:

Darth Judicar is pleased by this new information. But I don't buy the fact that the Wii won't support the physics. I will buy it regardless.


Wiipaw said:

Wiiboy101g, have you, uh, played the game with the Wii remote? It might actually be fun. But it does feel good that the Wii is as powerful as the Xbox 360 and PS3 in some respects.

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