Wii players rocking the GH3 world

The leaderboards of Guitar Hero 3 so far show that Wii players are significantly ahead of the pack in terms of scores. Currently the Top Rockers lists for each platform look like this:

Go WPI09!

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Mr Friend said:

Wii rock.


DragonFoxCoon said:

Those scores are insane.


Super King said:

I wonder if that's just because more people are buying it for Wii. I went to buy it at Best Buy and they had about 50 for PS2, about 3 for PS3, 1 for XBOX360, and 0 for Wii. It was a sad day.


wiicloud9 said:

I'm impressed, slightly. Not a fan of Guitar Hero 3.


Jubby said:

That's because Wii owners ROCK! (pun intended).


Senpai said:

Guitars rock harder on Wii! There's a gh3 Wii slogan.


Scooby Jew said:

Hey, looks like the console sales.


WPI09 said:

Thanks! I didn't ever think I would be on here.


the dude said:

Are anyone else's buttons crapping out on their guitar?

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Nova said:

308,650,726 - are you serious?


WPI09 said:

Yes, of course the previous poster under WPI09 was serious.


Link Q said:

Wow! Good for Wii! WPI09 keep rockin'.

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dave said:

Who's the hardcore gamer now? Looks like the true "hardcore" are playing on the Wii.


Buks said:

Is the scoring system the same across all the consoles? Just asking as I've no idea.


payton dowd said:

Dang, now that's a high score.


mims3000 said:

Wii rock, shake, quake, everything you can think of man.


Magicp9 said:

WPI09 is "The man".

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