Wii's World Reviewers

Are you a Wii U or 3DS owner? Can you write in english to a reasonable standard? Wii's World wants your game reviews!

What's the deal?

We're not a big site at this point in time, so there's no money involved. On the plus side, reliable reviewers with good track records will get offered free games by publishers once in a while, either through the post or via digital download codes. Also, reviewing on Wii's World is a great way to get your written work out there - it will lead to exposure and maybe even job offers. Plus there's the warm feeling inside, knowing that you're helping to inform the gaming public.

I'm interested, what now?

Just write reviews really! Sign up for a Wii's World account, if you don't already have one. Each individual game's page on the site will have a part that looks like this:

How to review games.

Just click the link and type in your review. Use the sliders to give your ratings for Gameplay, Graphics, Sound and Lifespan. We rate games on a percentage scale, i.e. up to 100%.

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