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About me: I'm a lovely British person who absolutely adores games. I mainly have Nintendo consoles, so expect me to stick around here for a little longer as I review more games, mainly for WiiU and 3DS.

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on Nintendo Pocket Football Club review...

Thank you Gwyn, that link is brilliant too! Though I do like the surprising element when you create a combo you're not aware of.


on Nintendo Unwilling to Release Games on iPhone or Android...

Even though it would be very profitable for Nintendo to release some of their games on mobile devices, I think their main focus is to try and offload more consoles (mainly the WiiU) therefore there are more ways of profit. The WiiU sales need to pick up as so far and sadly it is a financial flop.

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Now we need David Attenborough to narrate over this


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Short, but sweet

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You need friends for this one

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A serving of addictive gameplay and frustration

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LEGO games just keep getting better

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An enjoyable, costly manager simulation

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