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One Piece: Unlimited World RED box

One Piece: Unlimited World RED review...

The Straw Hats return with renewed strength

Demon King Box box

Demon King Box review...

A game truly lost in translation

Ittle Dew box

Ittle Dew review...

Having a hard time balancing its escape raft

SQUIDS Odyssey box

SQUIDS Odyssey review...

A decent tactics RPG buried beneath a lackluster story

Me & My Furry Patients 3D box

Me & My Furry Patients 3D review...

Needs a good shot in its own arm

Bubble Pop World box

Bubble Pop World review...

Pop those bubbles, yeah?

Weapon Shop De Omasse box

Weapon Shop De Omasse review...

Another gem from Level-5.

Smash Bowling 3D box

Smash Bowling 3D review...

Still waiting for the definitive bowling game.

ONE PIECE: Romance Dawn box

ONE PIECE: Romance Dawn review...

This ship sank before it even set sail.

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