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on Pokemon X & Y announced for 3DS...

Seems a little soon since Black and White, and I'm disappointed that Nintendo's breaking their pattern and not first releasing a remake of Ruby and Sapphire. Still exciting news, though, and it'll be a TRIP seeing a Pokemon game without a single sprite to be found. I knew all those models in the 3D pokedex weren't just for show.

Reviews by Nova

Kokuga box

Kokuga review...

Slow and steady.

Star Wars Pinball box

Star Wars Pinball review...

No scum or villainy here.

Swords & Soldiers 3D box

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Buried promise.

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Past and present, together again.

Naruto Powerful Shippuden box

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Delightfully deformed.

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Crazy begets crazy.

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Satisfaction in sepia.


INKUB review...

Slow but steady.

Triple Throwing Sports box

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Don't get too excited, kids.

ShadowPlay box

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Dive into the world of shadows. But only some of you.

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Side-scroll shooting with a twist.

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Bring back the challenge.

The Magic Obelisk box

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Yearning for growth, but still enjoyable.

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Spread your leaves and expand your roots.

JumpStart Escape from Adventure Island box

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Good education; Inadequate entertainment.

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A party game desperate for attention.

Gravitronix box

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A simple challenge.

Speed Zone box

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Racer with good intentions, but poor execution.

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A motion control revolution. Again.

Heracles Chariot Racing box

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Mario Kart never looked so good.

Wii Fit box

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Fitness is for everyone, apparently.

Deadly Creatures box

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Bad to the exoskeleton.

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII box

Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII review...

The best flight game you may ever play.

Medal of Honor Vanguard box

Medal of Honor Vanguard review...

Going back to the well.

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