Check Mii Out in September

Check Mii Out in September

In a recent interview Reggie "The Regginator" Fils-Aime spoke about Wii's latest channel Check Mii Out. He revealed that it's coming by the end of September.

Nintendo hopes the channel will further promote the Miis as a global phenomenon. Just like Everybody Votes, this will be free to download.

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KOOL-AID said:

What's this channel do? Post your Mii for everyone to see? (ha I rhymed).


lickwid said:

I hope this accompanies more mii options. I mean if you have a cap, you should be able to at least turn it around. Also, clothes would be nice.


Mr Friend said:

They have talked about adding clothes to Miis (I heard they were going to do that in the Animal Crossing game) but I too would like more Mii features/options. We've got a whole 6kb to fill up on our remotes right?


Jskrdude said:

How about being able to choose more colors for skin/hair/clothes? I made Dr Zoidberg, but there's no red color.


Scooby Jew said:

I'd love to download it, but I still have yet to get an adapter cable for the Wii so its internet can work.


asparaWIIgus said:

I also wish that you'd be able to hold more than 100 miis because now I have to delete a mii to create another one.


Recoil said:

If we're ever going to see a lot of unique and interesting Miis then I think it's time Nintendo released a system update that lets you use a bigger colour palette for clothes and hair. Some people like to dye their hair in all sorts of colours, so stop excluding them, Nintendo.


eric ♥ wii said:

What does it do?



Glad there's more news about this channel.


Fire Emblem Fan 14 said:

Yeah. What does it do?


david said:

Nintendo, do competitions like themes, we make miis to go with that theme and the winner gets something. I'm assuming Wii points for the shop channel. Also people post their wiis on other sections for others to rate on artistic style and other things.


WII said:

The Check Mii Out channel is supposed to be like a shop channel for miis, but no money. You post your mii on there and everybody can see it or even take it home with them. At least that's what Reggie said at Nintendo's press conference.


DaVeRz said:

At last, a new channel. Apparently new Wii demos are coming too, but not 100% chance due to licenses etc.


Icephoenix said:

They also have some sort of WiiWare channel coming to Europe next year.


asdf said:

Not just europe, everywhere.

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