Clay Fighter Wii in the mould

Clay Fighter Wii in the mould

Publishers Interplay have put out a press release saying they intend to renew the classic SNES beat-em-up Clay Fighter for a modern WiiWare audience. The original featured wacky animated clay characters like a snowman, a clown, an Elvis impersonator and others.

Clayfighter will be developed by StudioBlack Games' Eric Hart, the original programmer of Clayfighter for Super NES. Interplay CEO Herve Caen commented, "We're very enthusiastic to resurrect Clayfighter's crazy characters and unique humor. Eric Hart's involvement in the previous Clayfighter titles makes StudioBlack the logical choice to give this classic franchise a well-deserved makeover." Fans can expect improved graphics and revamped gameplay to take advantage of Nintendo's current generation hardware.

It's penciled in for a Summer 2010 release. Do you remember this game? I never had the original Clayfighter, but enjoyed Claymates, which was a platformer in the same vain.

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Wind Penguin Kid said:

Sweet, clayfighters was awesome and if they're making a new one of it then maybe Killer Instinct.


Superdodo said:

Can't wait for badass frosty to return on the Wii.


MediumBlueMetallic said:

Ickybod Clay WINS the battle.


blyind420 said:

Hell yeah I still own and play both the clayfighters for snes, can't wait for the Wii version. They should have made this a while back in my opinion, should sell well.



I hope earthworm jim is in this one like he was in 63 1 3.

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