Commodore 64 games on Wii

Commodore 64 games on Wii

Epyx have announced that they will be bringing some Commodore 64 titles to the Wii's Virtual Console download system.

The C64 was an 8-bit computer system popular in the 1980s. Epyx developed a large number of titles for the platform, including California Games and Chip's Challenge. It's unknown which games will make it onto the Wii as yet.

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DarkVic said:

Sweet, more games for the Wii!


maxone23 said:

Hooray for Wii!


joe said:

The more the better.


pj_rizzl said:

Chip's challenge rules!


wii-mote dude said:

Woa 8-bit. That's like primitive. But cool! And on the Wii!


ganondorfrules said:

I hate Commodores and their games, no offense.


elephant.stone said:

C64 got me through childhood! I'm so please to see it make a return. Respect.

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Anonymous said:

Interesting, but it's not the C64 that I care much about. I want to see some Amiga games!


elephant.stone said:

Amiga, now that's where it's at! (another computer that got me to this point in life). Amazing- if only.


joey24 said:

So it's now 30 years of gaming history at Nintendo's disposal.


Wii-Worshiper said:

God I love Wii.

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Mike said:

Yipee I love chips challenge!


Andrew said:

Elite. If they bring that one back, it will be one of the most popular (especially if they can make it multiplayer).


Me said:

C64's are cool. I have a few myself. When are they going to come out with a C64 emulator or cart for the GBA?

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