Need for Speed ProStreet on Wii

Need for Speed ProStreet on Wii

Publishing giants Electronic Arts have announced the latest in the NFS franchise, Need for Speed: ProStreet is coming to the Wii. No other details currently available.

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wii rox said:

Maybe this time it'll be worth playing.


Wii and KH said:

Goomba is pimpin up!


Zendalf said:

I sure hope the control scheme is better than carbon for the Wii. Maybe a choice between using it like a steering wheel and just useing the control stick. That would be really cool.


Want said:

Nooo! Can't stomach another Need for Speed.


maxytaxy said:

This iteration will support online play. How great will that be? I just hope that friend codes will have been put to rest in place of a better system by the game's release in November.


Gonzo said:

Need for Speed? I'll probably get this one. It might be interesting. Most racing games have good graphics, so this one better have them too.


Master Foot said:

Goomba, those 24s look stock.


Scooby Jew said:

Man, I hope this has nothing to relate to Carbon or anything of the sort. That game was terrible.


Ian C said:

Goomba awesome ride!

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