Rocket Knight Adventures new game

Rocket Knight Adventures new game

A magazine in Germany called M! Games is reporting that a new title in the Rocket Knight Adventures series is being made.

Published by Konami, Rocket Knight Adventures was a popular side-scrolling platform game around during the Sega Genesis era. The main character is an opossum knight called Sparkster.

They say the new game is to feature 3D sprites on 2D environments and is under development by Climax. No details on which platform it might head to at the moment. Take all this as rumor for the time being.

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Grey said:

God, please PLEASE don't let this be false. Even though he's kind of a sonic rip off, Rocket Knight Adventures was such a cool game for Genesis. I'm surprised it isn't on VC.


Captain Jamesman said:

Oh my god. I loved Rocket Knight Adventure and its sequel. If the rumor is true and it comes out for Wii or Wiiware, it will SO be worth it.


KC94 said:

I sure hope this is true, I also hope they make him look like he was in Rocket Knight Adventures. I did not like the Sparkster version of him. I also want Rocket Knight Adventures to come out for Virtual Console. This game also should be 2D and should be available for the classic controller.

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