Nintendo reveals DSi

Nintendo reveals DSi

Big N has shown off a remodeled version of the DS handheld at the Nintendo Conference 2008. It's called the DSi, and has a number of modifications over the DS Lite:

  • Built-in camera, capable of taking shots both inside and outside the unit. It's a 0.3 Megapixel capable of 640x480 resolutions.
  • Music playback, support for ACC files mentioned so far.
  • Compared to the DS Lite, the DSi will be 12% smaller and 2.6mm thinner. The screens however are still larger, and the speakers are of better quality.
  • No GBA slot.
  • SD card slot and internal memory for running downloaded games/programs which can be purchased online from a new DS store via Wii Shop Channel.
  • Opera web browser built-in.

The DSi will initially be available in white and black. Here's a trailer showing off a lot of the big DS games you can expect to see in 2008/2009, followed by some images of the DSi unit.

Is this enough to make you upgrade?

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Nintendeth said:

No GBA port? That's kind of disappointing.


i need a wiieww said:

I'm guessing that the DSi can connect to the wii's photo channel. Pretty neat idea, but the lacking of a GBA port is fail. Probably will get this, as I am still stuck with a DS phat which is falling apart, has no battery left and I am missing the battery charger.


chris said:

But dude, honestly, I love my old GBA games, but I would easily trade all of those for the new stuff. Better than anything is that sd card slot, and obviously web browsing kicks ass. This is definitely the best thing Nintendo had done in years from a business perspective, they always re-release handhelds with nothing new. This is pretty epic, and I would definitely buy one if I wasn't already buying a google android.


dhh said:

I hate how Nintendo does this. You think you've got the raddest software, and then BAM: they come out with something better. Luckily I wasn't ever dumb enough to fall for the Game Boy Micro. At least they haven't done it with the Wii.. yet.


SkullHydra said:

I'll have to keep my phat DS just to transfer my Pokemon from Emerald to Pearl.


Crimson Fang said:

No GBA port? Well, at least there's a simple solution: keep your old DS. No reason to really complain, since it means you'll have two DSs, and if you use both, it's less strain on both. And trading in won't bring in much money. Anyway, I'll wait for DSi Lite.


Darkrai said:

Cool! It sucks there's no GBA port, though.

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Nova said:

YES I've been waiting forever for music playback. Since I collect Nintendo systems I still have all my old gb's including both my gba's so the no gba slot thing isn't too much of a problem for me. I'm just wondering if the music can be stored on the sd card slot.


Nintendoof said:

I can understand the no GBA slot, I mean it's like 7 years old. The buying downloadable games on Wii Shop Channel is just wicked. Now Nintendo can compete in the downloadable war. This should be the last iteration of the DS. Please. Maybe?


MediumBlueMetallic said:

What version of the Opera web browser? Will it be the Wii-spec Opera (better than the old DS Opera, but missing plug-in updates)?


smashbro said:

I know that the DSi isn't the first console to have internal storage but it can use more of it it because games won't fill up all the space.


kruggles said:

Oh man. I still have my original DS, and I don't play huge amounts of GBA games, so it's definitely an interesting decision. I guess it depends on cost and timing, too. How soon is it going to be until the system after the DS?


eye said:

I just noticed that the DS logo in the front was removed. It looks odd without it. And also the matte finish makes the product look cheap.


Son Ninja said:

I still got my Ds lite and my GBA SP2 so I will surely get this one just to check out its online DS store. I hope some downloadable classics are waiting once this releases.


lt13 said:

The no GBA slot is a rumor.


dude said:

Everyone on the internet is mad about no gba port. Just get an sp, you can do multiplayer and you aren't distracted by a big empty screen that's not in use. I think dsi will be great.


asparaWIIgus said:

There is also 2 screens. If this is the next handheld generation, then I'll buy, but if this is just an upgrade, then I dunno.


Aminihcam said:

If they had to remove the GBA port to make it smaller and add more stuff I highly doubt there is going to be a DSi Lite, they would probably add the port back before they made a lite version anyways and for my GBA games I would rather just use my GameBoy Advance SP.


Budroux said:

Wow, what are they going to put a camera in next? I really doubt I'll be picking one up any time soon just because it has a camera, and not even a good camera at that.


ffdgh said:

First the psp is getting the 3000 model, now the big N came back with THIS?! Can I hear epic irony?


Dave the Man Dave said:

For me, it will really depend on the price. I don't play my DS barely at all any more, but depending what downloads. I wonder if they will come out with virtual console games, but in gameboy and gameboy color titles. Also, I hope it will support mp3s.


Nintendo4ever said:

Well, this is great, but some of the DS games use the GBA port so you can't play games like guitar hero.


Quartz said:

No GBA port, epic fail. I thought Nintendo had a rule of only making one upgrade to each and every one of their handhelds for people to waste their money on? Glad I never got a DS Lite.

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Mario said:

Definitely going to get it. Still going to keep my DS Lite so I can play gba games.


NintendoFan said:

How can you not like this, it will be great! Ya I'll still keep my DS for the GBA games but I'm sure that on the DS Shop Channel they will have some GBA games for sale. I also like the idea of giving you free points if you help someone connect their Wii to the internet because I helped one of my friends do that so I'd really like some more Wii points because there are so many games that cost so much money.


Peter said:

I've heard the outside cam is 3MP but the inside cam is just 0.3MP.


Bob said:

Oh my god. I want one. I am only getting a pair of undies for crimbo.

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