Bull Riding on Wii

Bull Riding on Wii

If riding bulls is your thing, it must be your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. Crave Entertainment has announced a new Wii game titled Professional Bull Riders.

Most surprisingly, the game will let you play as the bull if you want. Well known professional riders will also be there to choose from, giants of the sport like Guilherme Marchi, crowd favorite Justin McBride and who could forget, Chris Shivers.

Crave President, Rob Dyer commented:

"PBR has a dedicated fan base and the sport is poised to become the next NASCAR".

Action packed frantic antics, or just a load of bull? You decide.

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Keranu said:

That's hilarious. I especially love how you wrote "If riding bulls is your thing, it must be your birthday and Christmas all rolled into one".


Scooby Jew said:

I'm going to take the information that I've been given thus far and make this conclusion: A load of bull with a very little chance of breaking out of that category.


Splintercell4ever said:

Hey man, bull riding takes a lot of strength and endurance. A lot of people probably would get killed out there, even if they just entered the hostile environment.


feb10isfartheraway said:

Bull riding? That's really weird.


Hey said:

How will this work? Will there be a bull-shaped peripheral for the remote?


Aeth said:

Well they have professional golf (which is like watching grass grow) so at least this sounds like it'll give you a little more action instead of hitting a ball over and over again until it gets into the hole.


Ima Guy said:

Ha. This will be good.


Dedede said:

This looks great if the bull riding isn't just repeating buttons that show up on the screen, and playing as the bull lets you get the hurting on those guys. "I'm giving out cans of woopass and ipops. Oops. Ran out of ipops" - the bull.


Splintercell4ever said:

Golf takes a lot of skill and vigorous work to be good at it. But it's really fun, no matter what your handicap is.

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Tiffany said:

This is awesome! I love the PBR, and I think it's great that they are going to make a bull riding game. I want Mike Lee, Paulo Crimber, and Wiley Petersen to be in it.


Greg said:

When is it coming out?


JJ said:

How can you fake a bull ride? I would be skeptical as this keeping a "real" rider satisfied may weaken his true riding skills- I wouldn't want to learn the real art of riding something so unpredictable by screen. Bull riding isn't meant for couch kings/queens.


cash said:

I do ride bulls and I think it's great to let people know and see what feel what it takes. It should teach a lot about balance, because other than strength, that helps.


duncowgirledup said:

Bull Riding is a fabulous spectator sport, and if you're the rider/winner, it doesn't pay too bad either. I can't wait to see if, at 64, I can ride the bull.


JBM ruff stock said:

You guys are all dumb, this game ain't to teach you how to ride bulls it's to sit in front of the tv in the off season and drink some beers with your buddies and have fun. Not in any way was this game intended to teach you to ride bulls, it's for entertainment purposes.


roger said:

Bullriding games are awesome but I hope there would be Ty Murray.

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