No More Heroes character - Shinobu

The official site for No More Heroes has been updated with the image of a new character. She's called Shinobu and you can see her below. If you're able to read Japanese you might get a little more info out of the site.


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Scooby Jew said:

The sword looks awesome, but no comment on the person. Just no.


Senpai said:

Since the first screen with her, I've been a fan her and that chick that gives you the assignments. Awesome game.


JosephTheSquirrel said:



Wiipaw said:

Sigh. Another minda wanabie.


weezy said:

She is black, tall, uses a sword, has white hair, and is wearing a school girl uniform. While minda is short, looks like an imp, has no sword, orange hair and does not wear a school girl outfit. Yeah I can see why you think she is a minda wannabe, they are a lot alike.


Azara said:

This is like the only black anime character I've seen except for the one in bleach (forgot her name). I really like her, though the game's graphics suck. And Travis is annoying. I watched some game trailers on youtube and even some in gameplay and I lost interest in the game very quickly.

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