Wii fishing game

Wii fishing game

Well it was only a matter of time. We here at Wii's World have learned of a fishing game that will be on its way to the Wii! It's never easy to get excited about fishing, but the wiimote is ideally suited for this kind of game.

The game is titled Rapala Trophies and should appear near launch time.

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quartzlcc said:

It had to happen. Maybe I can get my Grandpa playing!


random hero said:

I think everyone that wants a fishing sim will probably just buy Zelda. Unless they are die hard fishermen, in which case they will probably do it for real.


tabsina said:

I agree with random hero, if someone is that into fishing to buy a game solely for it, then they would just go out and fish. But then again, Wii Sports looks great and people would still buy that even though there is an option of going out and playing for real.


go nintendo said:

Ok I guess that's neat.

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Luke said:

This game looks pretty interesting. But not one I'm too excited for.


wii-mote dude said:

I dunno, it might actually be kind of fun. Although there couldn't be any resistance when you're pulling with the wii-mote.

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PHiRE said:

Resistance could be kinda simulated with rumbles I suppose.


myspacebarisbroken said:

Ahh! I just hook up a blue whale! AAAAHH I died. Cool game huh. Hehe, imagine if that's one of the big bosses of the game.


Ras said:

I think it would be great. I remember some of the classic Nintendo fishing games I wasted countless hours into during my adolesence. I love fishing but you can't go out in mid-winter or go to every lake that's in the game. It's a game and it's meant as a pass time when you aren't able to go fishing.


Noah said:

I can't wait for this game.


metu said:

I think this game is very funny but I can't wait until the release of something more real, and surely take Wii play with a Wii remote.


Ace said:

I've been doing the Wii promo and everyone that tries the fishing in Zelda get's hooked. Even just watching is great. I'd love to see a few really good fishing games for the Wii and am sure they would do very well.


your grandpa said:

I think the fishing game will be SWEET! I'd rather play that than some random sword fighter game.


Pac mans hardman said:

I think that zelda introduces fishing to the game brilliantly and in a fun and interesting way too. I have only just become an angler and hopefully this game can offer some interesting and fun fishing techniques and the Wii will enhance the experience.



Wouldn't it be cool for Sega to put out all of their arcade fishing games like Sega Bass Fishing and Sega Marine Fishing on Wii? That would rule!


lilmama said:

I'm in love with fishing games! That's one of the main reasons I loved Animal Crossing for GameCube. The only way I would definitely buy a Wii system is if there was a fishing game to go with it so this makes me darn happy.


wiit said:

I don't think that controller is going to be that great for it. I remember the fishing controller for dreamcast and although it was only used with the 3 fishing games out, it was one of the most fun games around. So Nintendo make a real fishing controller.


porkman said:

I played this at a friend's bbq, drinking beers, talking smack and sweating. This game rocks for social drinking environments. By yourself at home, probably not that interesting.


the fish master said:

Sounds purdy fun.


Seamus said:

Hey C'mon- You have to love being able to hangout on the couch with a beer and sandwich and fish for a couple of hours. Especially without the mess and flies. I'm in.


wiid said:

Well this game sounds fun. But Nintendo should make a fishing rod that the wii-mote snaps into. That would be cool.


wii-fish said:

My husband and I fish (for real) at least once a week. We cannot wait for this game! I am sure we'll see a fishing rod snap-in in the future.


Fish559 said:

So is the game good or what? I fish often! And I want to buy one of the fishing games but don't know which is the best.


Gonefishin' said:

I am looking for a Wii fishing game and I don't know if I should wait for this game to come out or just get another one. I am excited to get one though because I fish a lot and love it.



Nintendo Corporate Geeks LISTEN UP! Flyfishing around the World should be your next game. As a flyfishing guide it would be a great learning tool and fun for novice to pro flyfishermen and women.

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john said:

You idiots. Why ANY sport game when you could go OUTSIDE and do it?! If it's raining or the seas are too rough, I will play a fishing game.


bruce said:

John, you are a flaming idiot! Get some fish and stick it up both your pipes so you understand the beauty.


Gary said:

Done. Is there another fishing game for Wii.


wee said:

It is good alright, is there another fishing game?

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