Vitality Sensor info

Vitality Sensor info

At this year's E3 Expo, Nintendo revealed a new peripheral for Wii called the Vitality Sensor. This little gizmo fits on the end of your index finger and can measure certain stats about your body's state. Now some extra info has come out describing how it all works.

The Guardian newspaper says this device uses a small light sensor to look at your blood flow and calculate things like how hard you're breathing.

With no actual software examples demonstrating the use of the Vitality Sensor, it's hard to imagine how much potential it has. Do you think it will take off?

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Nintendo4Ever said:

I just hope it won't be another thing to make people think something's wrong with their body.


david said:

I seriously can't see any potential to this, except for perhaps.. ARE YOU ALIVE OR DEAD? The game. It's a nice little device for non-game use but do they think oldies are going to buy a Wii just for that? Pfff.


WiiNinja said:

They could just make characters in a game respond to your health status. Yeah.


monkeylemur said:

This indicates the coming of luigi's mansion 2 you fools.


Captain Jamesman said:

I'm not really going to put much hope into this thing. Nintendo, you can do better than that.


Walter said:

Um, what do people use the Wii for? GAMES, not for medical uses. Why don't you add more online stuff, better controllers, instead of stethoscopes, or whatever that is.


BrothaZ said:

Luigi's mansion 2 would be great if they used this. Why? It means they'll actually try to make it scary.


Dave the man Dave said:

The only thing I could see this being good for is Wii Fit Plus. If it was used to measure how hard you're breathing after aerobics, it could be pretty cool. I don't see it doing much else though. Except maybe in games it could measure how mad you are getting and become easier before you throw something.


Darunia said:

Ooh. Trauma center. The scalpel could get shakier as your heartbeat goes up. I really don't see what else this could be used for.


Bundoria said:

Bravo. Another disposable fad, on one hand. Yet is proof of Wii extending function beyond form with a tethered bio input device. Japan is strong on emotovoodoo and fads spring and fade. This has all the hallmarks, but what could be next?


PHIL said:

This looks exactly like a medical SpO2 monitor used for measuring how much oxygen is in your blood. Can't see a use beyond Wii Fit type programs.


HealthCareWorker said:

This is actually a great piece of equipment for us in the nursing home. We use the Wii for balance and endurance/strength training for the older folks in Physical Therapy. It'll be great to be able to see their vital signs this way (i.e. Oxygen saturation, pulse, etc.) without having to have another equipment.


Parvin said:

There is a way of making this great for use in games, we just need to wait and see what they can make out of it instead of everyone complaining about how mediocre it is. It has potential, we'll see.


Brian said:

I think this is awesome because say you are a person who gets nervous in certain situations. I think this could help those people therapeutically to learn how to slow down their heart rate when needed. I think you could definitely learn how to control your emotions by controlling your heart rate.


Philip59 said:

I bought my girlfriend a $100 Biofeedback device recently, to help her relieve anxiety. Same thing, really. Works well, if used often.


SnowyMerc said:

People are sad. There's more to life than gaming. I applaud Nintendo for coming up for more uses for the medical field. Just hope it's affordable for home use or covered under insurance.

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