New Wii pinball game announced

New Wii pinball game announced

Crave have announced a new pinball title that's coming to Wii. Pinball Hall of Fame: The Williams Collection will feature eight tables, including Black Knight, Space Shuttle, and Gorgar.

Developed by FarSight Studios, it's expected to release later this year.

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Gonzo said:

There is this other pinball game coming out for the Wii. Something, Gottileb Classics. I think that's what it's called. It has some good graphics.


Wii Freak said:

Just another pinball game.


medbluemetallic said:

I must buy this. And if Funhouse is included, I will buy 10 copies! I wish there was someone I could write to make sure that Funhouse is included; it's by far one of the best Williams machines of the '90s golden era.


um said:

Sounds lame.

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Nova said:

How exactly would you use the wiimote for this without just making it like real pinball where you just press buttons? If there isn't some sort of cool undone catch, it isn't for me.


Uncredible Duke said:

Screenshots have shown Funhouse, which is sort of a drag, because that probably means that they WON'T include Cyclone, which rocks. Cyclone also has a big dumb head (it may be the same one) but it also has a ferris wheel and some other ride type gimmicks.


Chris said:

Good game, though I'd like to see Cyclone and High Speed if a sequel comes out.

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dave said:

The game is sweet, great camera angles and real game playing fun. They absolutely need a sequel from the golden age of pinball 80-90s.


guy said:

I'm glued over this one. Hope for a sequel with earthshaker, blacknight 2000, cyclone, high speed, bad cats, fire and the almighty party zone.


chris said:

Flight 2000 needs to be in pinball hall of fame sequel.


jj said:

Come on the 70s were the time for all of us pinball wizards. More vintage games.


Erica said:

I sooo want them to add Addams Family to something. That pinball game rocks.


mike psyche said:

Awesome gameplay, perfect for us that grew up in pinball era. My kids don't get it but I'm hooked. Been ripping on taxi and funhouse.


Pete said:

They need Stern & Bally editions. What about Bally's Alien in 1980? CLASSIC. Williams has SO MANY other great games. Fish Tales, Riverboat Gambler, Twilight Zone, Addams Family. Williams Pt. 2, please.


Ann said:

Addicted! Can't believe the realistic physics on these tables. We have played for months, would LOVE a couple of sequels.


Pete said:

I have Hall of Fame, the Gottlieb and Williams collection. Great work. I remember playing many of these classics in arcades. Please, produce Bally and Stern editions, as well as sequels to Gottlieb and Williams. I'm a major fan! Thanks.


Guy said:

I wish that they would hurry up with a sequel! Bride of Pinbot, Cyclone, more Bally titles, Junkyard. Maybe one with more modern Gottleib titles. The gameplay and physics on this are fantastic.

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