Can You Play Real Money Games on the Nintendo Switch?

Can You Play Real Money Games on the Nintendo Switch?

Consoles and their handheld counterparts are constantly being pushed in the background by the smartphone, today's most popular gaming device. Which is not a surprise, since it has the true multi-functional design that the PC does, allowing its players to do whatever they wish - install a new operating system, play real money games at the All Jackpots, watch TV, listen to music, and play any game they might choose, all this on the go. Compared to the smartphone, handheld consoles are far more limited. Even though they do have a more diverse use today, they - much like their desktop counterparts - have their limits. So playing All Jackpots slot machines on them is out of the question. Or is it?

Today's consoles, desktop and otherwise, all come with internet connectivity - web browsers up to date with the latest standards. Yet these often come with hard coded limitations - the Nintendo Switch, for example, ships with a web browser with very limited capabilities, meant only to be used to log on to public hotspots. This gainsays the previous announcement that the Switch won't have a web browser, yet the browser it includes is not available for general use.

As you might expect, people have found a way to use it as a normal web browser. This is not easy, though, as the browser is not available from the main menu, and neither can you enter a web address into it manually. You can, in turn, use it to sneak on to Facebook, for example, by going into "User settings", linking your social profile, then clicking the link on the page. Through this loophole, you can browse through Facebook, watch Facebook videos, but not leave the social network.

Yet there is a workaround - a small utility called DNSwitch designed to "hijack" the Switch's hidden web browser. According to its developer, this small utility represents a workaround for the restrictions built into the browser, allowing the users to browse the web and do whatever they want to - within certain limits, of course. It can, for example, play H264 video but can't stream and play audio. The utility has been confirmed to work on a series of Switches by a series of users.

But will you be able to play real money games on your Nintendo Switch? Well, considering the advanced visuals of today's games and the potent security policies they involve, the answer is a big fat no. But you will be able to use it to keep up with your friends' social media updates and potentially also read the news, aside from playing amazing games on the go.

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