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About me: I'm pretty new to all this stuff, never been on one of these websites before, I'm hoping that the Wii U's launch will be the perfect time for me to write my first ever gaming review! ^_^

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on System Update bricks Wii U if interrupted...

This is a very large concern for me, my internet can be unstable at the best of times, a 5GB update is a big problem. I seriously hope something is done about this before the EU launch.


on Pictures from the Wii U launch...

Ah, so Triforce managed to get a hold of the first console, bet he was very pleased! Deserved it for spending such a long time in a queue though!


on 3D MahJongg...

The first MahJongg game on the eShop? Haha, very good, tempted to give this little thing a try.


on Euro Wii U launch game list...

Excellent, can see plenty on that list I'll be sure to pick up. Most will have to wait till the Christmas period is over though :( Great line-up, very excited!


on Wii U Poll...

Gone all out and went for the Deluxe, can't wait to play Nintendo Land ^_^


on Nintendo - "no more games for Wii"...

It's such a pity, but understandable, I'd love to see some more first party games on the Wii. But then again, to see some first party games in HD is a huge bonus! Roll on next Friday!

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