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on Nintendo Unwilling to Release Games on iPhone or Android...

I don't think we'll see Mario & co on other platforms until Nintendo decide they're quitting the hardware business.


on GDC: Mario vs. Donkey Kong Wii U demo...

I read that the Nintendo rep at GDC said it's not planned to be a full blown game, but you never know. I really loved the first Mario vs DK.


on Skater Cat on 3DS next week...

I'm guessing that the cat auto-runs (skates) and you just control the jumping. Seems ok, I hope it's as good as the Gnomz games.


on Peter Molyneux: "Never Underestimate Nintendo"...

I might suggest that Molyneux has lost his way as well. Fable: The Journey?


on Interview with IronFall developers VD-dev...

I'm impressed with this game so far, hope it can live up to expectations.


on Pikmin 3 DLC hinted at...

As long as the content is substantial and fairly priced, I'm all for it.


on Shantae to release on eShop June 20...

Having never owned or played the original, I will definitely be forking over the cash for this.


on Nintendo Direct (Apr 17th)...

One of the Kirby games shown was Kirby's Adventure.


on Aero the Acro-bat...

Tough game, I never did make it to the end.


on Need for Speed: Most Wanted trailer...

Criterion has a solid reputation here in the UK so I don't think they would put out anything sub-par. I expect I'll be buying this, sooner or later.


on Pikachu 3DS XL coming to the US...

I'm not enough of a Pokemon fan to justify buying a whole new 3DS XL, but it does look good.


on Wii Mini heading to the UK...

It's not for me, but I suppose plenty of families have kids who will want one.


on Altered Beast...

We played this a lot in the 80s, at a bowling alley and in random cafes. Don't think it stacks up too well these days, but great memories all the same.


on A Hat in Time on Wii U?...

Mecha the what?? Looks like a lot of fun, I love games of this style.


on Epic Mickey studio closes its doors...

It's a real shame, but not entirely unforeseeable.


on Mutant Mudds sequel confirmed...

This is excellent news for me.


on Why no LEGO Lord of the Rings on Wii U?...

Personally I'm more than happy with the swap, LCU looks like great fun.


on THQ Humble Bundle...

Humble Bundles are great, I've picked up so many games on the cheap.


on Free retail game for 3DS XL owners...

That's amazing. Guess who just upgraded to a 3DS XL a few days ago!


on Wii U goes mobile...

Good to know, we have plug sockets on the trains here in the UK, but no Wi-Fi.

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