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About me: I'm a geek who lives in the deep south. I like cheesy 80's music, Chinese food, shredding guitars, and puppy dogs. I am an experienced gamer and my first console was an Atari 2600, although the NES is my first true sweetheart.

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on Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight review...

Thanks Rob. I had no idea this one was published. I'm very happy about it! Yes, Jonathan, it is hard as all get-out, with a very steep learning curve, hence why I think the game is so misunderstood.


on Cosmophony review...

This was a very well-written review. Apparently Super Hexagon was developed by Terry Cavanagh (who made vvvvvv), so I'm not surprised that it would be good. I'll have to try this one out sometime, perhaps when I'm done with Harmoknight.


on Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem Rumored to be Cancelled...

I honestly just want a Fire Emblem for Wii U. It would be sick. Still, if this game sees the light of day then it will be an instant purchase for me. I mean nothing bad against the SMT series as I'm just more a Fire Emblem fan. Either way, a new entree related to Fire Emblem on the Wii U would be great.


on New Legend of Zelda Wii U Gameplay Shown at The Game Awards...

I am in love. It really looks awesome. I think this game's world will be a nice answer to the complaints about Skyward Sword's one being too constrictive.


on Pokken Tournament Just Confirmed by Game Freak...

Yep. And Pokemon has a huge fan-base. If Nintendo uses their heads they will use their over-50-percent market share of the Pokemon franchise, port this game to Wii U, air commercials in all major territories, and sell Wii U like hotcakes. Executives at EA, Ubisoft and other major 3rd parties will be scratching their heads wishing that they would've held on to the Nintendo-train a little longer.


on The Little Mermaid vs DuckTales...

Both were good games. I believe Little Mermaid came later and was less buggy and had tighter gameplay than Ducktales. Overall though, I would still go with Ducktales. I don't think the soundtrack from Little Mermaid stands up either. The Moon Theme, for example, is an absolute tour de force in terms of composition and would stick in anybody's head for days. That's not something that many would say about Little Mermaid, although the Caribbean-jam style is catchy. Both games are worth their time though. I say forget the comparison and play both!


on Pokken Tournament Just Confirmed by Game Freak...

I'm pretty interested in this. I hope it makes its way to Wii U.


on Nintendo Land review...

Good review. I agree with you on most of this, and yes the game would be a monster-hit with online play. This is but one of several games on the Wii U I have played that would have knocked it out of park with adding in online play. Imagine an online tournament mode with this game. It would be awesome.


on The Best Upcoming Wii U Games For The Spring and Summer...

Nice update. I'm really looking forward to NES Remix 2. With a little bit of 3rd party support, great indie support a few original Nintendo titles coming, and virtual console finally heating up, it's a good time to be a Wii U fan, imo.

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