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on GTA art featuring Mario & Luigi...

I always suspected Bowser was a bald guy in a costume.


on Pier Solar reaches its Wii U target...

I'm eating my words, I didn't think they'd make it so far. This game must have a rabid fanbase.


on Pier Solar HD has Wii U potential...

It looks good fair play, but I don't think they'll reach $200,000 to get the Wii U version going. Beats me why it would take so much extra cash. Greed?


on News from today's Nintendo Direct video...

Good times to be a 3ds owner. All looking like great games. Except style savvy, that isn't really my 'bag' (pun?).


on New Wii bundles announced in time for xmas...

I thought everybody had a Wii by now. At this rate there will be more Wiis on the planet than people.


on PETA has beef with Pokemon...

I can't decide if this is a smart or stupid move by peta - but the game was entertaining and quite well made.


on Wii U is region locked...

Predictable. Nobody wins with region locks.


on GTA V on Wii U rumor...

I'd never heard of CDON, but they are a big retailer in their native countries. Would love to see the next GTA on Wii U but Rockstar might be too lazy to modify it for use with the GamePad.


on PDP Rock Candy Wii controllers...

Might be ok as a cheaper alternative for kids, it does say they're meant to be 'secondary' controllers.


on ZombiU gameplay video...

I hope it's not all gloomy like this, creeping around in the dark gets irritating after a while.

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