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on 2014 Elite Status Gifts Have Been Announced!...

Disappointed here, too. The gifts should be something exclusive that you can't buy anywhere.


on Hyrule Warriors Special Edition to Come with Triforce Clock......

I'm thinking of turning Japanese.


on Say Goodbye to Wii and DS Wifi...

So Wiiware lives on, for now.


on Toon Link is in Smash Bros Wii U...

Really great to see him back.


on Retro City Rampage official WiiWare trailer...

I'd practically forgotten about this.


on THQ selling its remains in April...

I always had fun with the Destroy All Humans games, hopefully a publisher out there can rescue the series and put some new love into it.


on Hyrule Historia is the best selling book in the US...

What a pleasant surprise seeing this book top the charts. I know Zelda is popular among us Nintendo fans but, wow. Faith in humanity restored! At least a little.


on Pokemon X & Y announced for 3DS...

The new Pokemon actually seem fun, like Froakie.


on Two Tribes bringing more to Wii U...

Edge and Rush are both great, but I don't want to buy them more than once. It's a good opportunity for new players, though, if the price is sensible.


on Darksiders II DLC: The Demon Lord Belial...

I'm pretty sure they will come, the eShop on Wii U is just in its infancy right now.


on Gold Nunchuk back in the new year...

This would go great with my gold Zelda wiimote. I don't have anywhere near that many coins, though.


on Atari founder doubts the Wii U...

Just an opinion from some old guy who's out of touch with gaming these days. Wii U will sell just fine.


on Wii U gets microwaved...

What a waste. Why not give it to charity?


on LostWinds fix coming for Wii U...

I guess there will always be little bugs like this to iron out when a new system launches.


on System Update bricks Wii U if interrupted...

My wireless drops out a lot, so I'm really concerned about this.


on Wii U Poll...

Going for the basic because white is more classy. Plus it sounds like a lot of us will need a hard drive anyway.


on Cloudberry Kingdom...

This looks insanely hard.


on No achievements system on Wii U...

I don't like this, personally. I think Nintendo are being lazy and could easily implement a cool system for tracking achievements. It would definitely be better to have it than not to have it.


on Rewards for Wii U Deluxe owners...

I'm in a real dilemma here. Deluxe is obviously better but I like the white color more.


on Halloween Special: Nintendo pumpkins...

The Link pumpkin is incredible, kudos to joh-wee.

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