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on GTA art featuring Mario & Luigi...

Luigi looks kinda like Niko from gta4 :)


on Epic Mickey review...

Sad to say it but epic mickey 2 didn't turn out so great either, in fact it's even worse in my opinion.


on Nintendo Power's final cover...

Life won't be the same anymore without NP to read.


on Gold Nunchuk back in the new year...

They are on ebay to buy @Gabe171, but crazy expensive mind you.


on Halloween Special: Nintendo pumpkins...

That was some amazing work n cool to see my favorite Boo. I'm gonna try making a pumpkin tomorrow, it might not turn out good, though.


on Wii U will be sold at a loss...

It'll be fine @WUMPER, you just might have to move things onto SD card more often.


on News from today's Nintendo Direct video...

Whoahh I think old reggie is stoned.


on ZombiU...

@RayJ I kinda get the same feeling for some reason, but gonna hold off on judging it until I read some reviews.


on Gangnam Style in Just Dance 4...

You gotta say the two things go together.


on Nintendo characters on the GTA streets...

Ya, a tall thin body like that is more suited to Luigi rather than Mario. Looks a lotta fun tho.

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