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on Nintendo Reports Quarterly Loss...

Once the likes of Zelda Wii U and Smash Bros come out, I think the Wii U will experience a steady turn-around. And even if the Wii U does fail, Nintendo's still got the 3DS to fall back on.


on New Smash Bros. Character Reveal on Monday!...

I'd love it if Paper Mario was revealed as a playable character.


on Suda51 has "no plans on Nintendo titles"...

I was hoping for No More Heroes 3...


on Smash Bros. branded GameCube pads coming...

I wouldn't mind getting one of these.


on Mario Kart 8 review...

Nice review. If I could ask, how did you get those pictures into the review? I'm working one one myself, and I don't want to accidentally mess anything up.

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We've struck gold

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Still a classic

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Simple, yet effective

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The game that wants you to die

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Playing with your toys has never been so super

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A debut worth bragging about

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Sick, but in a good way

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A take off that could have been better

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Not exactly the best racing game ever

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