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on Collecting amiibo figures...

No... I have ZERO interest and care for them


on The Nintendo GameCube: An Interesting Legacy...

I don't know if the Wii U will still be popular, but I like playing Wii U because not only can it play new Wii U games, but it can play previous Wii titles, and the Wii is still being played after it was unsupported in 2013, so I don't know... Maybe is all I can say


on New Crash and Spyro games?...

The Eternal Night was one of the best games ever in my opinion, I've never played crash of the titans though


on Shigeru Miyamoto: Mario has no last name...

I wonder who their parents are :P


on New Super Mario Bros Wii review...

Can't... Sorry, I was typing too fast and I wasn't paying so much attention xD


on New Super Mario Bros Wii review...

This is my personal favourite Mario game ever released! I love playing this game, but it camp be hard! Especially when playing with 2-4 players LOL


on Wii Sports Resort review...

I thought Wii Sports Resort was a HUGE improvement over Wii Sports! It has more fun sports to play, it added stuff like basketball, wake boarding etc. however, I thought they should've brought back tennis, baseball, and boxing because I had fun with those but whatever, it's just my opinion! This game is fun to play for all ages! My grandma is 52 and she LOVES it


on ESPN Sports Connection review...

I agree 100% with this review! I got bored from this game in less than 10 minutes! I thought soccer was crappy, so in result, I wouldn't spend more than $20 let alone over $15 for this game


on Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon...

Why aren't there any reviews??

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