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on Pac-Man revamp coming this Fall...

Can't turn out any worse than when Sonic tried to go 3D.


on Another Castle on Wii U...

.... DAY ONE!


on Beyond Good & Evil 2 reconfirmed...

We'll see a lot more twists n turns in this saga, it has "long and drawn out" written all over it.


on Game designer Kenji Eno dies...

Sad, that's no age to go.


on Ubisoft Montpelier protests over Rayman Legends...

Ubisoft won't listen, they think the game will struggle on Wii U.


on Gunman Clive developer: "eShop is a healthier market than iOS"...

A game like Clive is best suited to a proper gaming machine with buttons like the 3DS.


on ATV Wild Ride 3D trailer and screens...

The pirates are going to love this one (maniac laugh).


on Nintendo says sorry for huge system update...

It's not the just the file size, I have a fast connection but downloading anything from Nintendo takes ten times longer than anywhere else. It's like they don't know how to stream files or something. Maybe they're transmitting this stuff from a shack on Mount Aino.


on Hungry Caterpillar's ABCs removed from WiiWare...

I'd just like to pay homage on this very sad time for us all. Taken too soon... too soon.


on Atari founder doubts the Wii U...

1)Old man 2) Confusion 3) ????? 4) News!


on GTA V on Wii U is a "maybe"...

Never going to happen. They say the same thing with every game they release just so they don't look like asses. Rockstar got burned once with Chinatown Wars and won't bring anything else to a Nintendo audience.


on Capcom - More Mega Man coming...

Bloody brilliant.


on Iwata unboxes Wii U...

The signs say that Nintendo are struggling. Iwata had to wear gloves to keep this one pristine enough for resale.


on Wii U Chat and WaraWara Plaza video...

Reggie drawing lovehearts to Iwata was the most awkward thing ever.


on Big Time Rush: Dance Party...

@juan good post.


on Tekken Tag 2 download is huge...

Ayy caramba! That's about half my monthly bandwidth allowance.


on Wii U will be sold at a loss...

I preordered my Wii U yesterday, hope I don't regret getting the basic white one. 8Gb should be plenty though, right?


on Nintendo characters on the GTA streets...

City life really went to Link's head!


on Video game xmas cards...

Who has 10 gamer friends in real life though?


on Square Enix Triple-A game coming to Wii U...

Final Fantasy is coming home to Nintendo!!! Nah just kidding, Straight Right wouldn't be allowed to take care of that.

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