Wii accessories

Below is a list of known accessories in production for the Wii. This page will be updated with more details as new accessories are released.

Wii Remote Controller
Made by Nintendo

Wii's primary controller. Includes motion sensors allowing you to control games by physical gestures.

Wii Nunchuck Controller
Made by Nintendo

Wii's secondary controller, features its own motion sensors and an analog thumbstick. The nunchuck is required for many games on Wii.

Wii Classic Controller
Made by Nintendo

Classic styled controller, very useful for playing Virtual Console games and other supported titles.

Wii Zapper
Made by Nintendo

Give shooting games an extra dimension with the Wii Zapper, a tommy-gun styled casing that incorporates both the Wii Remote and Nunchuk.

Perfect Shot Gun
Made by Nyko

Slick one-handed pistol design, features an aiming sight and keeps the expansion port open to connect the Nunchuk.

Wii Wheel
Made by Nintendo

Slot the Wii remote into this official Wii Wheel to take your racing games to the next level.

Wii MotionPlus
Made by Nintendo

This impressive addon allows the Wii remote to have true 1-to-1 movement between the user and the action on-screen.

Classic Controller Pro
Made by Nintendo

An upgraded version of the Classic Controller. This one features ergonomically designed grips for more comfortable gaming. Also available in black.

Classic Controller Pro (Black)
Made by Nintendo

A black edition of the Classic Controller Pro.

Charge Station
Made by NYKO

Charge up to two Wii remotes at a time using this handy recharging station. Never worry about AA batteries again.

Wii Points Card
Made by Nintendo

A whopping 2,000 points for spending on Virtual Console games. Use them wisely!

SD Memory Card 2Gb (official)
Made by SanDisk

This huge capacity 2Gb SD card will be enough for all your games, photos etc. Made by SanDisk, who are endorsed by Nintendo as the official SD memory card makers for Wii.

Wii Fit Yoga Mat
Made by Hori

Triple layered for added durability, this mat is perfect for Yoga and other fitness exercises.

Wii Speak Microphone
Made by Nintendo

The Wii Speak Microphone allows for audio input into the Wii console, meaning players can chat to each other online in supported games and also record vocals in music software.

Wii AV/S Cable
Made by INTEC

Get up to a 480p display from your Wii using this cable.

Component Cable
Made by Nintendo

Component cabling will improve your picture quality over the standard composite cables provided with Wii consoles.

Component Cable
Made by MadCatz

Component cable for Wii by 3rd party makers Mad Catz. This cable improves picture quality over the standard composite setup.

G-Pak Travel Case
Made by Naki

This case can fit your console, 2 controllers, a ton of games, cables and manuals.

Wii Messenger Bag
Made by ALS Industries

This bag contains a number of specialized pockets for Wii equipment. The main holding is used for the console itself.

Wii Game Case
Made by ALS Industries

This game carry case holds up to 8 Wii games.

Pro Gamer's Case
Made by INTEC

Your Wii's protection is guaranteed with this quality aluminum case.

Silicon Gloves
Made by Joytech

Protect your Wii remote in silicon with these covers. They come in packs of 2 and in four colors. The combinations are Black+Grey or Blue+Pink.

Wireless Sensor Bar
Made by NYKO

Wireless version of the sensor bar included with Wii consoles.

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