Puzzle Quest heading to Wii

Puzzle Quest heading to Wii

According to Amazon, a game called Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords is heading to the Wii this fall.

Supposedly an unusual mix of RPG antics and Bejewelled, the game has been a surprise hit on the DS. It's a budget title, they have it up for preorder at $29.99, so I expect this news is for real.

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Scooby Jew said:

$29.99? Man, I'm thinking of getting the game just for the savings, even if it does suck.


eric ♥ wii said:

Looks weird but scooby jew is right, I might just get it because it's cheap.


Gonzo said:

Yeah, is it like a Bejeweled? If it is, I'm not wasting my money. I might as well played on my mom's laptop! She has that game. And she has Jewel Quest. What does role-playing have to do with this?

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