Red Steel

Published by Ubisoft, Developed by Ubisoft

Genres: Action

US release date: Nov 19th, 2006 | EU release date: -

User reviews


Grizzy: Red Steel is the best 1st person shooter game for the Wii (probably tied with metroid prime III). You can use a gun, or hand to hand combat (swords). A great feature with the guns is that you can freeze time to get pinpoint accuracy.... read more


SeAmNiNjA: Ok so I wanted Wii a long time and when I did get it (finally) there were 2 words that came to my mind. Red Steel! Before I got the wii or even tried it I was extremely hyped about this game, and when I got it I was surprised with what I... read more


Ian C.: Red Steel is the Wii's first 1st person shooter and it's pretty good. Good guns, good swords and good gameplay. The only flaw is if you play for a few hours you will get tired on the hands, trust me. The camera is fast enough to lose... read more


Sly Maniac: I got this game with my Wii on Christmas along with Wii sports and Wii play. When I started this game I was nearly crying of frustration from the annoying sensor, that's when I learned you could change the settings. Here's a tip for you... read more


Wii Man: When I first got this game for wii it was tough to get used to. But after an hour you get the hang of it and come to realize that this game is much better than what all the other fool reviewers say. Although the story may sound a bit... read more


brendan: Red Steel is one of the best first person shooters I've played for a long time. There are many websites giving this game quite harsh scores, but you know they only dislike Nintendo and so that's why they do it. First of all the graphics... read more


nofriendo: Red Steel for the Nintendo Wii is an excellent game if you enjoy first person shooters. The controls are nothing like any other gaming system out there. Not only does the player have to shoot wave after wave of yakuza by aiming with the... read more


TrentonWii: Gameplay This game is 90% using guns and 10% sword fighting. At first the wiimote will feel awkward but after 30 minutes you'll get the hang of it. Also you zoom in by moving the wiimote to the screen, which is really easy and... read more


TheWiipwns: With a variety of trailers and cool information before launch, this game was almost as hyped up as El Big Mama, AKA Twilight princess. It is a first person shooter for the nintendo wii, and of course it uses the point-and-shoot... read more


Colin: Overall, Red Steel is a good game to have on the Wii console. There are definite aspects of the game that are lacking. The graphics are impressive for the power of the wii console. The gameplay is very sensitive at first, you have to get a... read more


Wilson: Graphics Red Steel is far from being a "Good Looking Game". In the first few levels, the cut-scenes look more like someone cut out some paper figurines and moved them around on an out-of-focus background. Later on it starts to look a... read more