Wii Sports

Published by Nintendo, Developed by Nintendo

Genres: Sports

US release date: Nov 19th, 2006 | EU release date: -

User reviews


stinky12694: Alright, so this game is really fun. Not only is it free, but it's fun for everyone. I've actually developed muscle from boxing, it's really physical so don't laugh. No matter who you are, you will be able to tell that this really did... read more


Havoc2K7: My Wii arrived 2 days ago. I naturally ripped the box to shreds and didn't read the manual. I snapped everything together in a matter of minutes. As always it worked perfectly. Ease of use The menus and training section show you how... read more


Mobyan: What can I say, we were a lucky few in my family that bought Wii at Xmas time. What we love about Wii Sports is that people who normally don't like to play consoles all love Wii. It is hilarious to watch couch potato men and women suddenly... read more


Joel: The game uses most of the wiimote's power. You start out creating a Mii and using it on the Wii. There are five games: Tennis, Bowling, Baseball, Golf and Boxing. Each of them make you feel like you're actually playing. Tennis is a... read more


someguy: Wii Sports is fun. Bowling is fun and easy to play. Tennis is a bit harder, I stumble over backhand and forehand. Baseball, well let's just say it takes hours to win your first game. Boxing is the funnest, what could be better than... read more


Ekaj185: If you haven't heard of Wii Sports, then you probably have to check how much you really like (Or love) your Wii. The actual game might not sound that great, but trust me, it is very, very, addictive. Simply because it's on Wii. Smacking... read more


The Yoshi Guy: This game is just enough to keep you entertained until you get some other games. Here's a detailed breakdown from sport to sport: Tennis is one of the best sports, if not THE best. The controls are very realistic and so is the sound.... read more


Ehjay: Wii sports is a great title. Some people say solo sucks and it's only a multiplayer game. Well it's holding my attention. I'm currently trying to get a gold medal on all the events and it's pretty fun. Last weekend a few of my friends got... read more


Alex: When I first picked up a Wii, I thought this game was going to be really bad by the look of the graphics. But if there is one thing you will learn from this game, it is this: Graphics aren't everything. I hate to say that after 1 hour... read more