8-Bit Boy coming to Wii U

8-Bit Boy coming to Wii U

Retro is still chic

Awesome Blade Software is a one-man studio based in Denmark, its founder Rasmus Konig Sorensen is currently working on a game called 8-Bit Boy (not to be confused with WiiWare's dismal Bit Boy).

8-Bit Boy will first release on Windows - but versions are planned for Wii U, Xbox 360 and PS3. The game itself is inspired by a love of 80's platform games like Mario, Sonic and Mega Man - with a plot that echoes the developers own hardships in life:

"The games storyline is somewhat based on my own story. Our hero is this depressed and unemployed 32-year old guy, who hasn't been able to get a job after finishing his exams one year ago. Our hero gets sucked into this happy, vivid and colorful 8-bit world where he has to overcome many obstacles to help him out of the status quo of unemployment and help him support his family."

"So this is a personal story that deals with some adult issues like unemployment and feeling inadequate. Combine that with a vivid and colorful 8-bit world and you get something very different. This pretty much sums up my own story and I felt I had to do something about my own situation. To keep myself from going crazy from employment - I started programming 8-Bit Boy while looking for a job. So you might say that I also got sucked into this parallel 8-bit world of my own. I really hope you will enjoy 8-Bit Boy and relate to my story."

Some screenshots are now available on the 8-Bit Boy page if you want to check them out. There's also a trailer:

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danfango said:

You can definitely see where the influences came from. Looks fun!

5 years ago

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