Armin van Buuren in the mix

Armin van Buuren in the mix

Recognized by some as the best DJ in the world, Armin van Buuren is getting his own Wii game titled Armin van Buuren: In the Mix.

The game is being headed up by Dutch publishers Foreign Media Games. It's said to include a number of van Buuren's hits, as well as some material exclusive to the game itself. In the Mix will also feature artists he regularly works with. Armin commented:

"I have been a huge games freak for years and I'm, of course, a music fanatic. Music mixing technology has improved greatly over recent years. You can do a lot more with your choice of records and the various effects, making it even more fun to mesmerize your audience, take them on a musical journey and let them party on. Now you can discover how great it is to mix your own music in your own living room! This game shows you how I work as a DJ, but you can also use your own style. Perfect your skills and make your friends and family totally crazy about Dance and Trance".

Totally crazy? Perhaps.

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Nova said:

I think I might be done with music/rhythm games. Beatles game is the only exception.


SkullHydra said:

Where's the goomba!?



I can't wait for this game, armin van buuren is a legend and this game will be unbelievable.

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