ATV Wild Ride 3D trailer and screens

ATV Wild Ride 3D trailer and screens

From Mexico to Russia

Jools Watsham is a keen tweeter and has been telling us all about Renegade Kid's project ATV Wild Ride 3D - coming to the 3DS eShop, probably in March.

This is a port of what was originally a DS game, with new features like online racing, improved physics and added riders/ATVs.

For 3D screenshots, scan the QR code above with your Nintendo 3DS. Here's that trailer:

I guess I'm on the fence with this one. Graphically it doesn't look too clever to me. What are your thoughts?

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PHiRE said:

Those riders don't look too convincing in the air. If it handles well it could be a fun game, though.

1 year ago

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WUMPER said:

The pirates are going to love this one (maniac laugh).

1 year ago

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