Batman Arkham Origins has playable Deathstroke

Batman Arkham Origins has playable Deathstroke

If you pre-order from Amazon, that is.

Amazon has just revealed a rather enticing pre-order bonus for WB Montreal's upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins. If you order the game from the site before its release on October 25, then you'll receive a code for an additional playable character.

Fan-favorite Deathstroke, who was earlier revealed to be one of the assassins that Batman must take on in the game, will also be a character you can control. Whether he'll be reserved for a new mode or useable in the main story has yet to be seen. The same goes for whether or not Deathstroke will be available as DLC post-launch, but that seems very likely given WB Games' track record with pre-order bonuses.

What's more, Amazon will also give you $10 in site credit for pre-ordering the game. So, if you are looking forward to Arkham Origins, then Amazon currently looks to be the best place to reserve it.

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