Shut your cakehole

Shut your cakehole

In a press release earlier today, Majesco announced a new game in the popular Cake Mania series, namely Cake Mania: In the Mix, exclusive to Wii.

Cake Mania is aimed at the casual market and focuses on time-management skills. The player takes control of the lovely Jill, who owns and runs her own bakery. Gameplay involves customers coming in and placing orders for cakes. Jill must complete the order before the customer becomes enraged and leaves (no one likes waiting for their cakes!).

Extra depth will be added to the Wii game, allowing gamers to control every aspect of their bakery business, from cake serving to advertising and taking phone orders. The unique capabilities of the Wiimote are put to use when frosting and baking. Token mini-games will also be afoot.

"In The Mix" is set to release early in 2009, distributed by Codemasters.

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Fishmon said:

It's delicious cake. You must eat it.


Diddy Kong Lover said:

Oh no more spam, this probably won't redeem Majesco. Oh well it could be one of their best games.


Quartz said:

Portal reference there. The cake is a lie.


Master Foot said:

I can't wait to start baking cupcakes and brownies! YUMMY.


Vive le Ouii said:

I must resist, but. The cake is a lie.

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