Destiny of Zorro

Destiny of Zorro

Here's the European box art for sword-slashing adventure The Destiny of Zorro.

Oh you stinking Chevy.

The cynic in me says his destiny is the bargain bin.

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Gonzo said:

What a plain cover. Barely any color.


Scooby Jew said:

There was a Zorro game in the works? Well, that's a surprise.


Master Foot said:

Now that looks like a concept box. At least it will be cheap to print. I agree with the bargain bin caption, but we may be proven wrong.


Quartz said:

This could be good, or it might be awful.


Omega Red said:

Love the quote man.


Nintendoof said:

Why Zorro? Why?


TruBlu said:

Zorro means fox in Spanish. I learned that in Spanish class, heh.

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