Earthbound listed on Amazon UK at retail price

Earthbound listed on Amazon UK at retail price

What's going on here?

In a curious move, Amazon UK has put up pre-orders for Earthbound on the Wii U. This is odd for a couple of reasons. One is that the site does not typically sell codes for Virtual Console games. The other reason is that it is priced at £44.99- around the price of a retail game.

The most likely explanation for this is that Amazon mistook the reveal of Earthbound coming to the Wii U as a Virtual Console title for a new game in the series coming to the Wii U via retail. There's also the chance that the game is getting a limited edition retail release, not unlike the upcoming New Super Luigi U (or the Mario 25th Anniversary, which was also a Super Nintendo ROM on a disc).

But who knows, maybe there actually is a new Earthbound game for Wii U in the works? Maybe it will be shown off at next month's Nintendo Direct?

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