Elebits sequel happening

Elebits sequel happening

In a recent interview, Gregg Nolan, one of the producers at Konami revealed that Elebits will be getting a sequel on Wii.

"Mukaitouge-san, who is the producer of the first one, basically said that the DS title will be the next direction for the next DS experience. The first Wii game will be the story and the starting point for the next Wii game. There will be two stories that happen in tandem, one on the Wii and one on the DS. They will overlap with characters, environments and things like that, but each platform will have its own experience".

I don't think 'storyline' was one of the game's strengths to be honest, but I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel.

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Diddy Kong Lover said:

OOOh I sort of like Elebits.


Nintendoof said:

It was an ok game. Worth a sequel, but waiting to see how it turns out.

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Nova said:

Yay we're finally seeing some sequels to launch titles. When will there be a new Zelda?


Iron Maiden said:

In a new Legend of Zelda, I'd totally love to see the fair Zelda or good ol' Ganny playable in some way. Besides Super Smash Bros., the only game Zelda was playable in was a failure. Think Phillips CD-I.

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